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11 January 2007

yvat la ocs

sambata 13 ian

09 January 2007

SHARE-workshop / UH Fest 2007

SHARE-workshop / UH Fest 2007

UH Fest 2007 will stage 40-45 acts from 10-13 countries between 22-25 of
March, 2007. All the events will take place at one venue, Merlin theatre at
the heart of the city. You will find more on the festival at

In the framework of the next festival UH will present a new form of cultural
expression called SHARE, which is dedicated to fostering live, open/free and
spontaneous collaborations between audio/video artists, narrow the gap
between artists and audience, thus promote participation.

With the help of SHARE activists from New York and Montreal there will be a
weeklong series of workshops teaching an overview of the skills needed to
run a SHARE event.

Ultrasound Foundation can invite interested participants (technicians,
musicians, sound and video artists, promoters, culture activists) from
Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Ukraine, Serbia.