Contemporary Art Romania

18 September 2006

Cosmin Gradinaru at Gandy Gallery

>>gandy gallery
>>Panenskà 30
>>811 03 - Bratislava
>>t/f:421 254410801


opening september 21 at 7 p.m
exhibition september 22 - november 26,2006

For this first solo show Cosmin Gradinaru present at the gandy gallery "WITNESSING"*

This exhibition consists in a series of works from different years starting 1997 until 2006.
These works, presented as a whole, reflect different stages inRomania’s social conversion from communism to rapacious capitalism.
To all these changes you can only be a witness, with no power tochange something; you can only hope that things you said can be apolitical or social statement, and will lead in time to a mentality change.
Witnessing is the most frustrating thing for an individual; seeingcrime, humiliation and despair and not reacting, it’s a much tooheavy load for an artist.
My only way of reacting was through my art, an art that can be sad,funny or disclosing.
From “Unidentified” to “Nouveau Riche” you will see a transformationin terms of social and moral values in the world I live in.

*catalogue--------------------------------------------------------------------------3WINDOWS4U : ANCA IGNATESCU - "the Ultimate Progress"--------------------------------------------------------------------------

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