Contemporary Art Romania

24 February 2006

2nd Athens Video Art Festival

from 01 April 2006 to 30 April 2006

After the successful materialization of the first Athens Video Art Festival, an innovative festival for digital art in its moving form, which is one of the most radically developing forms of art combining photography, movement, music and experimentalism, Multitrab productions** invites again all the lovers of the moving image (regardless of age) to take part in the 2nd Athens Video Art Festival which will take place in April 2006.
Once more, people will be encouraged to create freely but also to dare to express themselves and their views on a specific theme.
This year new categories will be included: video installations, artistic constructions and live art. Well known video art festivals from other countries will be “hosted” by the 2nd Athens Video Art Festival, by dedicating a substantial part of it to them as videos, extra information and exclusive material from the festivals will be shown. Also there will be mention of activities relevant to video art, taking place in Greece. Each day of the festival, after the projections, an audiovisual event will take place following electro-ambient musical paths.
• Video Art
• Video Installations
• Live Art
• Artistic Constructions
Postmark deadline: 15th March 2006
Please fill in the online pre-entry form before submitting your video and your official entry form. You can fill in the pre-entry form online and also download the entry form at

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